One of leading Indonesian general insurance companies headquartered in Jakarta, has a scope of activities in general insurance industry, reinsurance and sharia business sectors. It has developed its business to the maximum through offering various types of insurance products offered consisting of insurance in the energy, fire & property, aviation, engineering, boat, transportation, and protection & indemnity, credit & collateral, to sharia-based insurance.

Previously, the company still relies on many varieties of report from its business units, but lacked a coordinated approach to their enterprise analytics. With a disconnected data strategy, leaders found it complicated to see the big picture as they made key business decisions. Data analyst and data engineers are often struggled to make connection among siloed data. Therefore, it requires a measuring application that is used for reports and analysis of business development that are integrated, systematic and reliable to support business decision making as well as increase profitability, efficiency and mitigate risks that arise in the future.

In order to help the insurance company, Cybertrend comes up with solutions aimed for the creation, development and maintenance of Data Warehouse and Management Information System-Business Intelligence by integrating various data sources across business units and presenting them accurately on a visualization dashboard (Business Intelligence / BI). Eventually, the success of this project can give a full confidence for stakeholders of the insurance company to work together across business units based on accurate data in reaching business goals.

Business Challenges during Pandemic

As is well known, the business world is experiencing a gloomy period where at the end of 2019 the Covid19 pandemic case began to attack the world. Entering the February 2020 period, the attack began to enter Southeast Asia, including Indonesia. Many industries have been affected by this pandemic, and so has the insurance company. It runs projects through remote access due to the Indonesian government regulation that strictly does not allow physical contact. Therefore, stakeholders are experiencing operational barriers and the challenges become more difficult because data across business units does not integrate well. These challenges have given a blur to the stakeholders in making appropriate business decisions among siloed data.

Data Warehouse-based Business Intelligence Deployment using Tableau and Talend

In order to develop a successful data integration strategy in the insurance company, Cybertrend deploys Data Warehouse-based Business Intelligence solution using Talend Data Integration and Tableau Data Visualization.

Talend Data Integration is a tool used for extracting, transforming and loading data from data source into data staging and data marts. Automated ETL job schedule is highly expected in Data Warehouse operation and can be easily managed by data engineers for maintenance or future use.

Tableau Data Visualization is a recommended tool for visualizing dashboard and reports for complete enterprise bird-eye view as to simplify decision makers to create their key business decisions and mitigate risks.

High-Level Solution Architecture

Cybertrend carries out a high-level architecture for data warehouse development that is started from data sources management to creation of a clear and accurate data visualization.

All transaction data contained in the insurance company’s internal applications are collected in one place without going through the data quality checking process. Then, the data will be loaded back into the Data Warehouse (DWH). A Data Warehouse environment is a computer system environment where the goal is to obtain data from multiple sources, such as data from different business units.

The next stage is the creation of a Data Mart (DM) tailored prior to the needs. Finally, reporting and dashboard are formed in the visualization stage where DM is the data source. The result of the transformation process is a neat, clean and fast DWH which can then be used for documentation, reporting and analytical dashboard purposes.

Increased Efficiency in Working Time, Expenditure, and Decision-Making Process

The visualization data strategy using the analytical dashboard is a combination of several reports into one view. By using the dashboard, users can view and evaluate the development of their business in one view, so that they can be analysed in details by connecting data across business units.

After deploying the data warehouse and business intelligence solutions guided by Cybertrend, the stakeholders can see data more clearly and accurately, so they are more confident to make strategic decisions.

Currently, the stakeholders are very aware that the success of this project can have a positive impact on time efficiency, expenditure and the decision-making process in reaching their business goals. It is expected in the future that the insurance company can boost its profitability by consistently using the data visualization dashboard to present reports and analysis.