Learning Centre
for Data Science

Cybertrend Data Academy was established with focus, spirit and passion of data. Our objective is to bring data science in Indonesia to the next level. In collaboration with universities and corporations, we provide full-stack “Data Science Training Program” for corporations, academies and data passionate professionals. Our mission is to build data science talents with industry-ready capabilities to grow in the data-centric business era. Cybertrend Data Academy provides the link and match platform between Universities and Industries. For further information check this out on :

Competency Development



Competency certification is one of the supporting tools to identify someone who is competent and professional in their field


Industry Best Practice

CYBERTREND DATA ACADEMY has made cooperation with various sectors of Industries. The implementation of Industry 4.0 pushes competition on high skill and competency. The industry will determine the direction of what education should be designed. CYBERTREND DATA ACADEMY collaboration aims to equity of knowledge of data science and improves student competence in facing and preparing to enter the industry.


Implementation in Educational Institution

Education must prepare resources with adequate knowledge and competence needed by industry and markets.


Competency Standardization

Determination of competency standards that are in accordance with industry needs and able to compete globally.


Synergy among Education, Industry, Government, Professional Association, Certification Body and Community