For Smart Collection

Most businesses have formal accounts receivable policies that dictate when to bill, how much to bill and when to collect. Unfortunately, not all businesses enforce those policies effectively. In many cases, it comes down to culture. Businesses that prioritize sales often fall into the trap of extending credit to customers, offering discounts or ignoring payment terms that give rise to anomalies resulting in business losses.

CtrendVision For Smart Collection is an analytics platform that leads businesses to a deeper and more nuanced understanding of their at-risk customer, thus improving collection performance and preventing losses. By having more complex picture, customers can be classified into microsegments and more effectively targeted.


Collection Analysis

Collection Analysis
by Product and Department

Collection Forecasting

Collection KPI vs Target

Client Scoring Analysis

Probability of
Promise to Pay

Collection Aging

Collection Analysis

Bad Debt Analysis

Collection vs Target


Strategic overview
of end-to-end receivables performance

Fast and instantly responsive dashboard machinery

Agile to respond to strategic business needs and course corrective

Analyze large volume of data to allow users investigate trends, predict outcomes, and discover insights

Monitor progress towards target that is designed to be viewed multiple times throughout the day