Cybertrend Data Science Expert

As Indonesia sits on the cusp of a digital revolution – driven by Industry 4.0 and underpinned by data – one specialist provider is emerging from a crowded marketplace.

Operating as a voice of authority on data, Cybertrend is sizing up an industry housing limitless potential.

The Jakarta-based business has – for 10 years – operated in the world of data analysis, data warehousing and business intelligence, complemented by expertise in data analytics, software and application development and knowledge transfer.

With data now recognised as the new oil, Cybertrend is assuming the position of rig, drilling down into a market ripe for disruption.

“2019 is the year in which innovation and agile processes become the main weapons of competition, especially in the areas of data analytics,” observed Nadia Alatas, director of Cybertrend. “We are focused on accelerating and taking advantage of the advancements in data science and machine learning.

“This has the ability to create powerful artificial intelligence (AI) solutions through cloud and on-premises. We are also providing solutions to help guide our customers in their digital transformation journeys.”

Speaking exclusively to Channel Asia, Alatas said Cybertrend is focused on three priorities in 2019 and beyond, starting with data science.

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