Strengthening Telkomsel’s Digital Transformation by Empowering Stakeholders with Data Analytics Capability using Tableau

Established in 1995, Telkomsel has contributed in providing wireless network for the society of Indonesia. After being the pioneer in presenting 2G, 3G and 4G LTE networks in Indonesia, Telkomsel is now ready to be at the forefront of welcoming the presence of 5G network as an effort to succeed the government initiative towards Industrial Revolution 4.0 in Indonesia.

As the digital lifestyle evolves, Telkomsel is transforming from a network provider into a digital telco company that provides world-class digital mobile lifestyle services and solutions. Telkomsel continues to develop its digital business which includes Mobile Gaming, Digital Entertainment, Digital Advertising, Digital Lifestyle, Mobile Financial Services, Enterprise Solutions, and Internet of Things to enable Indonesian society to continue discovering new ways of living; while also providing digital service channels that are easily accessible through MyTelkomsel mobile application, Telkomsel Virtual Assistant, 24-hour Call Center, and widespread customer service outlets named GraPARI throughout Indonesia. The rapid growth of Telkomsel has made it to be the leader of Indonesia’s digital telco company.

Transforming into a digital telecommunications company, Telkomsel now has big and complex data assets that continue to increase. Therefore, Telkomsel needs a sophisticated data platform that is a single source of truth. It helps analyze end-to-end business data across all departments to make accurate strategic data-driven decisions efficiently.

Nowadays, the Telkomsel business diversification has resulted in much larger and more complex data. It requires appropriate technology and expertise to process and analyze the data in which Telkomsel has IT Business Intelligence & Analytic group to play this role. This group allows Telkomsel to perform huge data collection, transformation and exploration for business intelligence and analytics purposes. The group plays this part by providing Telkomsel data platform which to become single source of truth, making it possible to provide advance customer behaviour analytic, such as predictions around the likelihood of purchase or churn, personalization through recommendation engine and operational improvement. All of this was achieved with secured implementation, that aligned with data governance regulations, to ensure customer data protection.

Fast processed dashboard for accurate data-driven decision  

When it comes to understanding the data, data presentation plays a critical role. Tableau helps the IT Data Wrangling & Visualization department (a part of IT Business Intelligence & Analytic group) to create data visualization dashboard from all stakeholders in Telkomsel and also to provide self-service for stakeholders that allows them to create their own dashboards. Tableau has also helped Telkomsel analyze end-to-end business data across all departments which are used for reporting, analytical, and business summary purposes that have significantly encouraged Telkomsel to make strategic data-driven decisions accurately. By using Tableau, dashboard creating process is faster – building them in days instead of weeks. Its flexibility also easily accommodates changes occurred on dashboard. Creating data visualization with Tableau software has made it easier for users to make changes and present the results with reliable data at the right time.

Data Science experts from Cybertrend have proudly supported Telkomsel’s requirement to sharpen data analytics skill of its human resources by holding personal guidance to the Tableau users added with a collaboration training with Cybertrend Data Academy. The result is clearly seen, there are hundreds of Tableau users who created hundreds of analytics dashboards within 3 years.

Since 2017, Cybertrend’s Data Science experts have guided Telkomsel to significantly grow its human resource capability in analyzing data using Tableau. They helped Telkomsel to install Tableau properly and hold personal guidance for Tableau users to optimize the use of Tableau. The results can be seen from the increase of Tableau users number in 3 years, from only a dozen people initially to 250 people for Tableau license and 120 people for Tableau creator in 2020. Moreover, Telkomsel has created more than 300 data visualization dashboards using Tableau within 3 years.

Enhancing human resource capability  

Cybertrend as a Tableau Partner has helped Telkomsel to always update its knowledge about Tableau products and encourage it to keep scaling up the data-driven business by enhancing its human resource capability to create accurate data analysis. In order to sharpen it, Telkomsel collaborated with Cybertrend Data Academy at TED Academy to train more than 40 Telkomsel employees for two months. At the TED Academy, the employees were trained by data science experts from Cybertrend Data Academy to have the ability to process, analyze, and present data with a good storytelling skill.

During the partnership, Cybertrend has been the bridge between Telkomsel and Tableau, working to solve issues between parties with in-depth discussions. As an expert company in data science and artificial intelligence with 10-year experience in multi-industry and government sectors, Cybertrend often shares use cases in industry to give insights on Tableau deployment and find solution to the problems faced by Telkomsel.

As Telkomsel is now focused in becoming a digital services and solutions provider, it is important to manage the growing data properly. In this Industrial Revolution 4.0 era, Telkomsel is committed to be a data-driven company that always involves data in every activity. Therefore, Telkomsel has the ability to understand everything that happens to the business based on reliable data.



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