Enterprise Digital Technology Services abbreviated as EDTS is a consulting services company in the fields of data, management, technology, and user experience that aims to help clients and companies from various industries optimize their business and growth through data technology. Since 2019, EDTS has been the Digital Center of Excellence of the Salim Group. Equipped with digital and technology experts from across industries, EDTS embarks on a journey to help companies harness the power of digital technology to transform their businesses.

As a data technology consulting services company that continues to grow, EDTS must provide the best data analysis to meet the needs of its clients. The previous business intelligence tools that EDTS used did not provide much better performance for its data analysis. Therefore, EDTS switched to Tableau as their new business intelligence tool.

Before using Tableau as their business intelligence tool, EDTS faced several problems in analyzing data that affected their data analyst performance to clients. The three main problems were data connection, data visualization and data reporting.

  1. Data Connection : Difficulty in connecting data sources in the database with existing worksheets in the workplace.
  2. Data Visualization : The limited graphics from the previous platform.
  3. Data Reporting : It took a long time to make a report.
“Tableau has good data connections and has a variety of options for graphs, plots, and images that can be used for our better data analysis”, said Kurniawan Hakim – VP of Data Science and Analytics of EDTS.

Make it easy to connect various data to be analyzed

Tableau has a good data connection that offers a variety of data source connectivity from various databases. Makes it easier for EDTS’ data analysts to connect all data sources and various data that want to be analyzed.

Communicate the data easily

Tableau has various options for graphs, plots, and images that can be used for data analysis. This helps the EDTS data analyst team to create and explore data visualizations that represent the data, thereby helping clients easily understand the data better than ever.

Provides a better data analysis

The overall benefit of using Tableau for the EDTS data analyst team is they can make better data analyses for clients. The features offered by Tableau allow the EDTS team to make data analysis faster and more accurate. Therefore, the quality of the data analysis they provide is getting better. In another way, from the client’s point of view, they can also easily understand data analysis better because of the precise data visualization they provide.

Since 2018, Cybertrend Data Science experts have guided EDTS to develop the ability of its data analyst team to effectively analyze data using Tableau. They assist the EDTS team in consulting assistance as they analyze the data. These results can be seen from the performance of the EDTS data analyst team who can perform better and more accurate data analysis in a short time and their clients are satisfied with the reports they provide.

“In all parts, Cybertrend is very helpful with the advantages of fast, responsive and flexible service in assisting us. Cybertrend provides an end-to-end service that strongly supports EDTS for Tableau and its implementation in both licensing and consulting to make data analysis itself. Thank you Cybertrend”, said Kurniawan Hakim – VP Data Science and Analytics of EDTS.



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